About the Project

The Alternative Reading List Project is born out of a desire for more diverse readings at Oxford University. Launched and run by a group of Oxford students from a variety of faculties and levels of higher education, it is designed as a resource for all students who are seeking alternative readings to augment their official reading lists. The lists aim to offer different perspectives on mandatory readings, as well as on marginalised or excluded topics in mainstream academia. The focus is particularly on the arts, social sciences, and the humanities. The aim is to promote diversity across the different curricula.

You will find a vast variety of blogs, books, novels, poems, articles, volumes and anthologies (and links to where you can find them) compiled here. We are thinking of diversity in terms of the authors, thus you will find lots of writers from different social groups, genders, and ethnic backgrounds. But we also mean diversity in the broadest sense of the word so you will find the themes to be quite eclectic! We hope that the readings collected here will be a source of inspiration to students, and encouragement to your interests. The Alternative Reading List Project aims to make studying more challenging, more engaging, more fulfilling, more fun! We also welcome and encourage people to write for the blog, and to suggest readings to be put up. So if you have any, please send them in!

2 thoughts on “About the Project

  1. I think this is a really great idea. Is there a plan to add a Philosophy reading list as well? Helen Longino’s work towards a feminist epistemology, “Science as Social Knowledge” is really interesting and I think it’d be a great addition. Also, is this the general way to suggest works or ask questions? Thanks

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